Beck & Pollitzer Russia tackles Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Beck & Pollitzer encourages learning and development in all its forms, whether it’s Fire Safety training or something more ‘managerial’ in nature. Recently, our Russian division tackled the topic of Emotional Intelligence, by attending an optional seminar on the subject.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of your emotions, as well as being able to control and express them. Additionally, it deals with handling interpersonal relationships in an empathetic way. It can be the key to both personal and professional success.

With this in mind, our Russian division spent a few hours developing their interpersonal skills. The key topics discussed were:

  • How to building a healthy corporate culture
  • How to become a real leader and motivate your colleagues
  • Understanding your employees and helping them develop their best skills
  • How to develop yourself and set a good example for your colleagues

Thank you to everyone who took part.