Beck & Pollitzer Germany learns Fire Safety


Beck & Pollitzer Germany took part in a Fire Safety course last month, refreshing their approach to this important branch of Health & Safety. Due to the severe danger presented by fires, it is important for all participants to regularly update their knowledge and skills.

The one-day certified course took place in Essen and comprised two sections: theory and practice.

The theory section took place in the morning. Each of the 12 participants learned about the safest way to handle fires, including what methods and types of extinguishers should be used for different sources of fire.

The practical section of the Fire Safety course involved a series of exercises that each participant had to complete. These included extinguishing flames using a water hose and ‘rescuing’ a mannequin that was on fire. They also had to ‘rescue’ another mannequin from a smoke-filled room, where they could only see 5-10cm in front of their face. Quite a challenge!

Congratulations to everyone who took part and completed the course.