Beck & Pollitzer invests in 3 new Versa lifts

versa lift 3

Beck & Pollitzer recently invested in 3 new Versa lifts, expanding its wide range of machinery equipment.

A Versa lift is a unique type of forklift, which has a frame that extends in order to achieve greater capacities. It is also equipped with a removable hydraulic boom and is designed specifically for moving heavy machinery safely and smoothly.

The Versa lifts [pictured] are capable of handling varying amounts of tonnage. The 25/35 lift is designed to handle 16 tons and the other two are capable of lifting 27 tons. One of each type currently resides in the UK, and are currently being used on a project in Swansea. The other 40/60 Versa lift is intended for our division in Czech.

Beck & Pollitzer is committed to providing clients with cost effective solutions. In addition to having experts handling projects, it continually invests in equipment so that hire costs are reduced, therefore providing clients with a lower project rate.