June 2013

Client :  GlaxoSmithKline
Sector :  Pharmaceuticals
Project :  Installation of 13 pressure vessels at GSK
Location :  Wavre, Belgium
Services :  Machinery relocation, Machine Installation, Factory Relocation, Project Management
The Challenge :  Project to be completed in 10 days

Project details
Factory relocation of three new vaccine production plants. This involved careful machine moving and handling of a range of high value equipment, including 13 Inox stainless steel pressure vessels.

The challenge
This project had a demanding 10 day schedule requiring close liaison with the client and their suppliers. There was a lack of on-site storage space which necessitated the movement of heavy equipment and machinery installation of each vessel as soon as it arrived.

Beck & Pollitzer solution
As heavy lifting specialists we assembled an eight-strong, highly-skilled team led by a Project Manager.  The Project Manager was also responsible for ensuring health and safety compliance.

The project began with a series of technical meetings between Beck & Pollitzer, GSK engineering staff and their appointed engineering company.  Before starting the work we carried out a risk assessment and produced statements outlining the methods to be used.

Equipment used included a tower crane, two three tonne capacity forklift trucks, a five tonne capacity aluminium gantry, machine moving skates and chain block and tackle.

The tower crane was used to off-load and move the vessels, weighing between 1.0 and 2.6 tonnes, to the drop-off point.  They were then placed on machine moving skates in the horizontal position.  The forklift trucks pulled them to a point immediately below the area of installation, where they were carefully raised to the vertical position.

Finally, using the aluminium gantry and block and tackle equipment they were lifted and secured in their final location, suspended between the lower and upper floors.  The narrowness of the aperture and weight of the heavy haulage required great precision during lifting.

In addition to the pressure vessels, we were also contracted to carry out the off-loading, transfer and plant installation of other items including skids, compressors, fermenters, autoclaves and a cooling tower.
At short notice we were also asked to install a stainless steel shaker plate and ring around each vessel, in order to close the gaps between them and the aperture in which they were suspended. This work was carried out in just four days to minimise interference with other machine installation work and to maintain the progress of the overall project.

The outcome
The project was completed well within the time limit and has resulted in Beck & Pollizter entering into discussions with GSK on further global projects.

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