Recruitment Drive for Beck & Pollitzer Turkey!

Beck & Pollitzer Turkey attended this year’s Koif18, in an effort to extend our connections and expand our global team!

Last month, Beck & Pollitzer Turkey participated in the 2018 Kocaeli Human Resources Employment Fair and Career Days, in an effort to tackle ‘National Mobilisation in Employment’ program and to combat unemployment in the country.

Koif’18 recognises unemployment as a high priority within Turkey and the event looks to combat high unemployment levels by creating opportunities to introduce the public to 100’s of different companies within the region.
Beck & Pollitzer Turkey were very proud to be a part of the event, supporting the National Institutional Program. At the fair, Beck & Pollitzer Turkey aimed to meet and understand the needs of skilled workers and engineers and support them with short and medium term contracts.

The team also took the opportunity to socialize and cooperate with other exhibitioners which included some our clients from large organizations within the country.

‘The Beck & Pollitzer team stood among 180 companies and were surrounded by almost 200 stands.’

The success of this fair has encouraged Beck & Pollitzer Turkey to develop new brand management strategies in order to accelerate efforts and to reach more potential employees and companies and enforcing our position as the world’s leading service provider.

We are very proud of our Turkish team for their hard work and drive during this event and thank you to those who visited us over the 3 days!